About Us

Stephen Bolton

I am from England. I am a Digital English Teacher and Lecturer. Traditional way of teaching English is sooooo boring !  Don’t talk about grammar!  Verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, past perfect, present continuous ….. … STOP !!!

Why don’t we put the grammar in digital exercises, read, listen and speak ? This sounds a good idea ? Do you agree ?

FEZ, cooperates with Let’s Learn English (LLE) UK, provides a virtual learning environment. LLE has developed written and verbal communication skills. This Digital English learning platform helps all students understand, and learn the language in a better way. Students can learn anytime, anywhere and without any restrictions at all.

Juli Bolton

I am from Indonesia. I am a knitter. I have written several books on knitting for beginners. In order to have a balanced lifestyle, we all need to have hobbies.

Knitting is considered as a positive hobby as there are a lot of advantages. It is not only an activity to kill time, but also keeps your mind active. Knitting is not merely a hobby, but now it is a lifestyle.

I learned my knitting techniques from my mother-in-law in England. Then, I spent a lot of time in the British knitting shops. They seemed like a work of art, amazing designs, clear knitting instructions, and a love for the art of knitting.

I have to bring this to life to inspire all knitters to develop this art. The knitting movement starts here.

Happy Knitting !