Inside all humans is the ability to cook healthy food. Most meat products are delicious. In Indonesia  we have “nasi rawon”  which is rice with cubes of beef in a dark soup and “sate ayam” that is chicken cut into small pieces on a wooden stick. However, these are not good for the animals, as we kill cows and chicken for the meat.

We now have an option of eating plant based food that looks and tastes like meat, with nutrition to make this meat like  product healthier for people that love to eat burgers and steak. The people that need to change are meat eaters. Just start with one day in a week to give up meat. Monday is a great day to start the week: “Green Monday” or “Meat Free Monday”. 

Green Monday based in Hong Kong is creating “Plant Based Food”. They are helping to make the world a healthy place for humans.

A question based in the English language :

“How can a Beatle stop humans from eating meat ?”