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Knitting Yarns

Knita knitting yarns are labeled as Oeko-Tex certified, which means it is free of harmful chemicals. All Knita yarns are eco friendly dyed and colourfast.

Knitting Tools

We are a distributor of Addi products. We supply knitters with the best quality of knitting needles made in Germany. Addi is the Rolls Royce for all knitters in the world. Feel the difference when you knit with Addi needles.

Knitting Patterns

Having a collection of knitting patterns is a must for knitters. Check it out! We have a large collection of knitting patterns from British designers Sirdar, King Cole, etc.

Knitted Products

Most of our knitted/crochet toys are made of 100% cotton organic. Some are made of acrylic yarns. We also have a selection of knitted / crochet baby wear which are hand knitted with love and care.

Knitting Yarns

  • Knita SuperSoft Cotton DK Eco Dyed Rp 35,000

    100 g 220 m

  • Knita Cotton/Viscose DK Eco Dyed Rp 40,000

    100 g 260 m

Knitting Tools

  • Addi Bloom
    Addi Bloom RP 425,000
  • AddiNovel Square Ergonomic Lace Rp 175,000

    Circular 40 cm

  • AddiNovel Square Ergonomic Lace Rp 175,000

    Circular 60cm

  • Addi Lace Rp 150,000

    Circular 80cm

  • Addi Lace Rp 175,000

    Circular 100cm

  • Addi Lace Rp 175,000

    Circular 150 cm

  • Addi Sockwonder Lace Rp 150.000

    Circular 25 cm

  • Addi Crasy Trio Rp 325.000

    Flexible dpn
    Size variation : 2.25mm 2.5mm 2.75mm

Knitting Patterns

  • Knitting Cable by Juli Bolton Rp 50,000
  • Hayfield Heritage Arans Rp 225,000

    16 designs

  • Aran Knits RP 225,000

    10 designs

  • Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran Rp 225,000

    20 designs

  • Sirdar Chic Knits Rp 200,000

    15 designs

  • Sublime Cotton Silk DK Rp 250,000

    15 designs

  • e-pattern PDF Rp 50,000